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Children’s Earth Paint Kit

Children’s Earth Paint Kit
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The Children’s Earth Paint Kit is an organic, eco-friendly paint kit made from natural earth pigments (pure clay). The naturally colored clay was collected from the ground, dried, crushed and sifted into pure pigment. Mix water with these six powdered colors to create a creamy paint similar to tempera or add more water to create watercolor like effects. This paint is different from other children’s paint in that it is a high quality, rich, vibrant paint that is free of fillers and preservatives. It is perfect for adults as well to create quality works of art on paper, stones, fabric, wood and more.

These paints contain organic milk protein which makes them water-soluble yet creamy like milk paint.

This kit contains:

  • Six colors of hand-crafted earth paints – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown (makes 120 oz. of paint when mixed!)
  • Six biodegradable/ compostable mixing cups
  • An Earth Paints booklet.
  • The booklet includes mixing instructions, nature-based art activities, information about the use of earth paints in ancient times, and more.

Made in USA. All reusable, locally made packaging that is 100% Post Consumer Recycled and biodegradable & compostable. Printed with vegetable based inks

Black, White and Violet sold separately

Green America Certified Business

Price: $35.95

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